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About Matt!

​Location: Astoria, New York


What's He Up To Now/Next?

Fresh off his run as Jack Kelly in Newsies, and his 54 Below debut, Matt is back in NYC training and auditioning!


Check back soon for more exciting news!

How'd It All Start??

Matt's passion for musical theatre began way back in drama club in intermediate school, where a bunch of crazy kids created their own  pseudo-musicals. His starring role was as Ryan Seacrest, hosting American Idol  at the North Pole, when the Grinch won. It was totally legit and legal (not). When he reached middle school, he began performing in "real" musicals, beginning with the ensemble of Bye Bye Birdie. Finally, entering high school, the once-a-year school musical simply wasn't enough, and Matt and began performing at From Stage to Screen year-round. And thus, his true love for theatre began! As with any high school performer, Matt jam-packed his schedule with school shows, band, chorus, chamber choir, classes and shows at STS, and of course, soccer! (One of these things was NOT like the others, and definitely did not stick around...)

Come senior year, Matt determined he would follow his passion and ended up going to college to study Musical Theatre at SUNY Cortland. After an incredibly fun, inspiring, and humbling four years of many shows, classes, and auditions, Matt graduated and immediately (we're talking morning after graduation) trekked to Cherokee, North Carolina for his first professional contract as a dancer at the Mountainside Theatre. Upon returning home in the fall, he booked his next big gig: Carl in The Littlest Tree at Hershey Park's Music Box Theatre, produced by RWS Entertainment Group. Aside from the "virus-that-must-not-be-named", Matt has been working professionally across the US ever since!

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